Interview with Nõmme Kalju head coach Igor Prins

This Saturday, on June 11, FC Nõmme Kalju meets on its home stadium Hiiu in the 14. Champions’ League round the team of FC Levadia. The teams follow each other in the charts: FC Levadia with 28 points on the second and Nõmme Kalju with 25 points on the third position. So the anticipated game will be principal and of extreme importance. We would like to render some of the thoughts of the head coach prior to this significant game.

Igor Prins:”Until now I am satisfied with the players. We have won the necessary points. Yes, we gave away some points to Paide City Team (Paide Linnameeskond) and FC Kuressaare, but there is no point in feeling bad about it. I can say that the general impression of the team is good. There have not been any major setbacks. The players definitely have the strength and will! If you ask me whether the targets of the season are still gold medals, then I would answer that we are not changing our targets in the middle of the season. We can certainly improve the performance of the strikers. We are continuing with the same players. It is necessary to make the strikers sharper and use more goal possibilities.”

The head coach was of the opinion that the artificial lawn of the Hiiu stadium has amortized a long time ago and it definitely needs the replacement. But today it is still the fact that we have to play our home games there. We all hope for the new stadium!

The head coach answered in a gentlemanly manner the question, whom would he bring forth from the team players:

“I do not bring forth anybody. It is not necessary for look for those being guilty! We need stability and more logical teamwork.”

The opinion of the head coach of the competitors was diplomatic.

“No opponent should be underestimated. No game should be faced superciliously or with half of the strength only.”

The head coach answered categorically the question of his opinion regarding the betting problem of Narva “Trans” and what kind of standpoint should the Estonian Football Association have towards it:

“This is pure prostitution! The Estonian Football Association should have a very strong standpoint about it, but in the first range it is the club’s internal issue and such phenomenon should be battled with.”

Igor Prins is optimistic and says that co-operation with the assistant coach Fredo Getulio Aurelio is normal and he understand that Getulio is also very much engaged in other obligations. Also he expressed the opinion that the “Kalju” fans could and should support more their home team, be a little bit more cultured in their emotions, give more thought to their joint activity and understand better the aim of their actions.

Has the level of the Estonian football improved or worsened? The answer of the head coach regarding this issue is considering:

“I think that the level of the Estonian football has not improved, it has rather become more even. But the level of the team is improving. It is important to make the work with the new generation more efficient, to create a solid and functioning structure.”

What is the opinion of Igor Prins of the UEFA European League games? Head coach:

“The European League game differs from the game of the Estonian Masters’ League. It is just important to play better. Each man in the field must give his 100-per cent contribution. We must considerably improve our playing quality. And there must always be some luck! But let’s look at one game at a time. And a very important game is waiting for us already this Saturday, when the opponent is Tallinn FC Levadia. Each man must definitely give his 100-per cent contribution into this game!”

The conversation was forwarded by Anton Siht.




Võistkond Mänge Võite Viike Kaotusi Väravad Punkte
1 Tallinna FCI Levadia Tallinna FCI Levadia 14 10 3 1 34:6 33
2 Nõmme Kalju FC Nõmme Kalju FC 12 8 3 1 27:11 27
3 Paide Linnameeskond Paide Linnameeskond 14 8 1 5 21:14 25
4 Tallinna FC Flora Tallinna FC Flora 14 7 4 3 25:17 25
5 JK Tallinna Kalev JK Tallinna Kalev 14 4 4 6 16:22 16
6 Tartu JK Tammeka Tartu JK Tammeka 12 3 4 5 14:15 13
7 Pärnu JK Vaprus Pärnu JK Vaprus 12 3 3 6 11:19 12
8 FC Kuressaare FC Kuressaare 12 3 3 6 16:26 12
9 JK Narva Trans JK Narva Trans 12 2 3 7 12:31 9
10 FC Nõmme United FC Nõmme United 12 1 2 9 6:21 5



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